Unemployment or not employable? What is wrong with India’s Engineers?

After studying the second or the third semester, I can say more than 60% of the students realize that this is not what they always wanted to do. They feel they have no interest in Engineering and they end up screwing themselves.

There can be two reasons why they choose Engineering. The society or parental pressure or at 16, because of the fear of not getting a decent job, they choose maths and computer science as their subject in 11th STD, which forcefully led their way towards studying Engineering.

Unemployment is a term which is not meant for those who are talented in their respective fields. For those, who unintentionally studied Engineering, they are certainly not going to get a job in today’s competitive world. No organization can afford to recruit an Engineer who lacks in subject knowledge because it can turn out to be disaster in future.

It is unfortunate that India’s best universities are nowhere in the top 100 in the world. The reason maybe we continue to teach outdated concepts to students.

Most Indian Engineering graduates fail when they are expected to apply basic principles to solve real world problems. They need proper training and that’s an expense that not everyone in industry wants to incur.

Some students lack in effective communication, which is key to succeeding in the corporate world. A report says that 52% of Indian Engineers can’t get jobs because their spoken English skills are nothing to write home about.

Fluency, sentence construction, pronunciation and basic grammer would sum to be ‘out of world’ to some. There is much to be said in favour of behavioural, personality development, and people management skills helping Engineers land their dream jobs. We need to reinforce these additional competencies as key elements of continuous learning.

I am sure you can think of so many more reasons why our Engineering graduates are feeling the pinch of rising unemployment more than ever.

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