Students who didn’t appear for NEET 2018 free to study Abroad: Medical Council of India

Students who didn’t appear for NEET 2018 free to study Abroad: Medical Council of India. One of the most cherished dreams of many youngsters today is becoming a doctor and the reasons for it are not too far away to see.

Firstly it is one of the most respected professions today and has been so for the last many decades. Secondly, it gives an opportunity for an individual to work for the cause of humanity. Thirdly, A doctor can never be unemployed and Finally as a profession medicine is immune to economic recession.

Students who didn't appear for NEET 2018 free to study Abroad

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), the common national level entrance exam conducted for admission to medical courses, has been made mandatory for pursuing medical courses abroad.

Every year, around 7,000 students go outside India to study medicine. Most of the students go to China and Russia. “As per the data, the percentage of graduates who have studied abroad and have cleared the FMGE has ranged between 13 and 26.9 percent in the last five years.

This is really a matter of concern as they go out, spend lot of money of their parents and are not able to contribute to the healthcare in India once they come back,”Many students, made a plea at the court that they were not informed at the time of NEET application time that NEET would be mandatory for MBBS abroad hence the didn’t fill the form thinking that they would go abroad.

Following a Delhi High Court order, the Medical Council of India in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has granted permission in this academic year to all medical aspirants who want to study abroad if they did not appear for NEET. Meanwhile, the students who had appeared for the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) and could not clear it successfully will not be eligible to move abroad.

Saju Bhaskar, President of Texila American University, an overseas university based in the Caribbean, said, “Many students may lose the chance of enrolling for MBBS this year as they have not qualified NEET. There are less than 60,000 medical seats in India including both government and private medical colleges.”

He further added, “Many students will lose a year or more if NEET qualification remains the deciding criteria for pursuing MBBS in abroad.”

Students who are only eligible to study abroad, according to the official notification, they shall furnish an undertaking that they had not registered or appeared for NEET. They shall obtain an eligibility certificate from the council prior to admission or joining the foreign medical institutes.

The council may at its discretion verify from the CBSE whether such an undertaking is genuine or not. In case, the undertaking is found to be fake/ false/forged, appropriate action will be taken leading to a cancellation of the eligibility certificate of the candidates.

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