Stop taking money in the name of providing jobs to the fresher’s

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All business who took money from fresher’s in the name of providing job should be banned

You must have heard a parent quite often tell a child that if he will not study, he will not get a good job. After all, we all impart good education to our kids with an intent that they will get a fantastic job one day. Though this is a wonderful thought but recently there have been some changes in the recruitment industry that have made this idea a little difficult.

The recruitment industry is huge and diverse. Once a candidate completes his education he enters the market to get a suitable job. Though there are wide opportunities available for all kinds of education avenues, but most of the jobs ask for hands-on experience. Well, this is a little difficult for freshers who are just out of college.

Freshers – Most vulnerable to fall prey to recruitment frauds

Imagine a situation where you have just completed your education and are seeking a new job. You are unaware of where to look for suitable opportunities and are a little nervous about facing interviews as well. Just when you have been pondering over what to do with your situation, you get a call from a so-called recruitment industry. The person, on the other hand, asks you to deposit some money and they will in return provide you with relevant job opportunities.

How many of us as freshers have fallen prey to these calls? Most of us, right? And then what has been the outcome? There have been no job opportunities and even if there have been one, they have been useless. How much frustration has that led to? Losing the money and not even getting a proper job call.

Spurious job calls – should be banned

Spurious job calls that ask for a substantial amount of money from freshers should be banned. This is nothing short of an illegal act calling a fresher and then demanding money in return of offering job opportunities. This act is simply an act of exploiting new talent for just a few pennies.

There should be in fact strict legal laws to get such people behind bars who believe that it is perfectly fine to ask for money from kids who are just out of college. This is absolutely a no-no.

This should not come as a surprise that most of these recruitment agencies do not even have a valid license.

Remember, these fraudsters have been thriving because we have been giving them money. If we all stand up against them and call for a ban over them, they will surely perish!

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