Software Engineer rides horse to reach office at the last day of his work at the company

Software Engineer

Unforgettable day at work

Roopesh Kumar Verma, who works as a Software Engineer in a company at (EGL Business Park) Bangalore, rides a horse at the last day of his work at the company.

Software Engineer

Isn’t it hilarious?

The passersby and people working at EGL, Bangalore took pictures with him as he became an internet sensation after getting his picture viral on the Internet stating “last working day as a Software Engineer”.

Software Engineer

Traffic Sucks? Neigh

Mr. Verma, who basically from Rajasthan, living in Bangalore for 8 years was frustrated with city pathetic traffic problem, and this traffic issue led him to ride a horse to protest against traffic jams.

Software Engineer

Need of the hour

According to Mr.Verma, riding a horse was the need of the hour. In an interview to News 18 he said “I have been staying in Bangalore for the past eight years, and I am fed up of the traffic jams and air pollution. This city is overpopulated, and too many vehicles on its roads lead to traffic jams every day. In fact, I learned about horse riding because of the traffic jams.”

Software Engineer

Exploitation at Work

Mr. Verma further said, he is leaving his career in software engineering because he feels that techies in India are being exploited by rich MNCs. He is now thinking of entrepreneurship and planning to start his own venture.

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