Opposition parties raise question against the PM Modi’s public rally in BHU campus

In the history of 100 years, this is the first time there is a political rally in BHU: will be addressed by Pm Modi.

PM Modi will address a public rally on the field of Amphitheatre in BHU. This the first time in the History of 100 years, a public rally is going to be addressed inside the premises of BHU University.

PM Modi public rally in BHU

Though the “Bhartiya Janta Party” has the allegations of using educational institutions and universities for the political benefits and imposing “Hindutva” agenda on the campuses by their opposition parties.

This the first time in the history of 100 years there is a political public rally going to be addressed in BHU, and the opposition already has started opposing the rally of the “Prime minister”.

PM Modi public rally in BHU

On the foundation day of BHU, Late Mahatma Gandhi had also arrived at BHU. Being as a Prime Minister, Late Shrimati Indira Gandhi, Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai, former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, and current PM of India Mr. Modi Itself visited BHU for several academics, convocations, and the inauguration of various institutional projects.

But, this is the first time there is a public rally which is going to happen in BHU premises and addressed by the Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi. The party “Bhartiya Janta Party” is putting its best efforts for the rally and the leaders have been assigned a target of 50-60 thousand peoples to bring for the rally.

Now, “if university students are fighting for their own rights, it is named as a political agenda, and they have been imposed by the several charges of violating laws. Though their demands are the good food, the safety of women in the campus, opposing restrictions on the girls in the hostels, but they have to face legal actions by the university authorities” Said, Opposition parties.

The rally will be held on 18th September and PM Modi will address the rally. There are several other programs scheduled for PM Modi, after attending all programs, PM will leave for “Delhi”.

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