NSS wing of IIT Patna  – Blood Donation Camp & Cleanliness drive (Swachhata Pakhwada)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) was launched in 1969 and is an Indian government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India aimed at developing student’s personality through community service, NSS is a voluntary association of young people in Colleges, Universities and at +2 level working for a campus-community linkage.

NSS wing of IIT Patna

The NSS chapter at IIT Patna follows the cardinal principle of the NSS programme which is aimed at organizing events by the students themselves such that both students and teachers get a sense of involvement in the tasks of nation-building through their combined participation in community service. The programme aims to inculcate social welfare in students and to provide service to society without bias. NSS volunteers work to ensure that everyone who is needy gets help to enhance their standard of living and lead a life of dignity.

Recently, NSS wing of IIT Patna undertook blood donation and cleanliness drive initiative during the weekend.

NSS wing of IIT Patna

Blood is scarce. There is a shortage to active blood donors to meet the need for increased blood demand. Donated blood is lifesaving for individuals who need it. It was with this intention that NSS IIT Patna held a blood donation drive organized by Bihar State Aids Control Society on 8th of September. Being a weekend, it garnered an enthusiastic response from the entire fraternity of IIT Patna.

Many youngsters participated in this drive which eventually lead to a staggering collection of 81 units of blood. To engage and ensure huge participation, many events related to this drive were also organized. These include Slogan Writing Competition, Painting Competition, and an Online Quiz.

All these events were conducted with a view to raising awareness about the ultimate goal of Blood Donation. The participants were also provided with refreshments and an ambulance was continuously regulating between various sectors of the campus for convenient transportation.

In response to the vigor amount of participation, the NSS Wing of IIT Patna aims to conduct many more such drives which it hopes would contribute to the ever-increasing need of Healthy Blood.

Apart from the above, the NSS Wing of IIT Patna also took upon the initiative to observe Swachhta Pakhwada mission by starting off with their first cleanliness drive yesterday, on 8th September. They want to make India clean and convert Gandhiji’s dream of Swachh Bharat into a reality.

The wing was divided into 9 groups which consisted of undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and professors who guided the student groups and extended a helping hand to the cause by joining in the activities themselves. Plastic gloves and masks were provided by the cleaning staff to help the wing carry out their duty without any health concerns.

NSS wing of IIT Patna

The shramdaan took place near D Type faculty quarters (inside the campus) and near the Hospital area located inside the campus and continued for more than an hour. Many metal scraps, plastics and non-biodegradable garbage were found near the premises, which were then secured and disposed of safely in garbage bags. The drive picked up progress yesterday as the students gathered around the food court, to pick up unattended litter and garbage inching closer towards their goal.

The group aims to continue their mission till 15th September by conducting more cleanliness drives around the campus to instill a sense of servitude and spread awareness among the student community.

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