Madras offers the cream of the talent in the country : 968 placement offers by top recruiters

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras is one of the most reputed institutes for technological education and research in India. Known for its strong relations with the industry, the Institute has always been a favorite destination of recruitment for many firms.

Placement in IIT Madras

Students graduating from IIT Madras have contributed to the incredible pace of India’s growth over the last couple of decades. Even this year also, students proved it right by grabbing 968 placement offers. Placement Season for 2017-18 proved lucky for 968 students who got offers from Citi, Intel India, EXL Services etc.
This year 70 percent of the total number of registered students got secured placement which is higher than last year’s which was 66 percent.

Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs)
With 19 International offers, a total of 968 offers are made by 256 companies in placement Season of 2017-18. Large multinational firms such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Goldman Sachs placed 95 students through Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs).

More placement for post-graduate students

As per training and Placement Advisor at The Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Prof Manu Santhanam, placement Season of 2017-18 proved lucky for a large number of post-graduate students who are getting placed (including MS and PhD research scholars).

Current year recruitment trend
Following previous year trend, ‘Core’ and ‘Information Technology’ remained the leading recruiters.
By seeing current year recruitment trend, we can say that major recruitments were in core engineering and R&D companies which are 45 percent of the placements, while Analytics/Consulting/Finance bagged 28 percent and IT got the least which is 22 percent.
From total placements, Citi made an offer to 25, Intel India Technology Pvt. Ltd made an offer to 20, EXL Services made an offer to 19, Flipkart made an offer to 18 and last but not the least offers were made by HCL Technologies i.e.17 offers.

Offers by start-up companies
In the placement Season of 2017-18, the startup buzz at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) Madras continued. This year IIT, Madras was much more stringent in background checks to vet startup credentials. Before placements, IIT, Madras scrutinized business models of all startups and conducted background checks on them.
Even IIT administration has counseled students on the wisdom of opting for a strong company rather than a hefty pay package offered by a newbie with a weak revenue model.

Besides all the factors, out of 101 offers made by 38 start-ups, 83 were accepted. The leading sectors in startup recruitment were Information Technology (36 percent) and Analytics (24 percent) followed by Core (11 percent).
IITM which was established in 1959 has been ranked number one among Engineering Institutions in the India Rankings for three consecutive years – 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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