IIT Patna held Felicitation Program for Mr. Utsav Gautam: AIR 33 in the Civil Services Examination 2017

IIT Patna is an Institution of National Importance and a new addition to the hallowed IIT System that has proven its worth in last 50+ years. The alumni of IIT are internationally known for their caliber and contribution. Since its inception in 2008, IIT Patna- like its young as well as established peers- has pursued excellence with steadfast determination.

IIT Patna

Recently, Students’ Association for Alumni Relations (SAAR) organized a felicitation program for one of IITP’s distinguished alumni Mr. Utsav Gautam. It was his hard work, focus, and determination that made his mark in the civil services exam of 2017.

Mr. Utsav Gautam who had secured an AIR 33 in the Civil Services Examination 2017. IAS topper Utsav Gautam has secured this Rank 33 in his 4th attempt. He is an engineer as well. He resigned his job and given his best in the IAS exam. He completed his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Patna in 2013.

During the felicitation program, he interacted with students and shared his journey. The place where he was standing 9 years ago may be different, but his love and memories connected with his alma mater remain the same. He entranced the audience with his wise words, followed by his own accounts when he was in our shoes as a student of IIT Patna, filling us with inspiration and nostalgia. He answered questions and guided us through his strategy for clearing Civil Services Examination motivating us for our future ahead.

He said,” My father passed away in step 2016, two months before the mains of CSE-2016, my grandmother passed away 5 days before my mains of 2017. I had developed an independent inclination towards civil services from my class VI-VII and I was equally encouraged by my father. I entered this field because I firmly believe that civil services give one of the best opportunity to bring positive change in society.”

When he was asked about his style of preparation, he said, “Over the course of my preparation which consisted of 4 attempts, my style of preparation has evolved a lot. Earlier I used to read from a lot of sources for static portion and current affairs, which I later realized was not good. In my 4th attempt, I took a minimalist approach regarding reading which included a lot of discretion strictly based on UPSC question papers. I focused more on writing and developing ability on handling questions in which I know little.”

He added, “I used to make notes on Microsoft Onenote (Thanks Sh. Gaurav Agarwal sir, IAS, CSE AIR-1 2013), my notes were very concise so that they facilitate quick revision. Even in those notes, I used different colors, for revising stuff which I am more prone to forget.’

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