IIT-Delhi Students invented ‘Stand and Pee’ Device for women, Cost Only Rs. 10

NEW DELHI: Students at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-Delhi) have developed a “stand and pee device” for women to avoid dirty public washrooms.

The device, “Sanfe (Sanitation for female)”, launched on the World Toilet Day on 19th November 2018.

The device cost only Rs. 10 and tested by experts in AIIMS.

Campus Sigma News - "stand and pee device" for women to avoid dirty public washrooms

The device is launched under the campaign #standupforyourself and one lakh free samples of the product will be distributed among women of the country.

The product will be ideal for pregnant women, women with arthritis, differently-abled, to be used at public toilets at railway stations, trains and bus terminals,” Archit Agarwal, a B.Tech student and the co-founder of “Sanfe”.

The coating material of the product is water resistant in nature. It is biodegradable and ergonomically designed. Women can also use this during their menstruation cycle.

“It has a flexible design and needs only a single hand to use, which is extremely useful in case of women wearing traditional Indian attire. The flaps in the onetime use product are gentle on the skin to ensure that no scratch or itch takes place,” Mr. Archit Agarwal said.


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