Have mercy on this country and don’t become an Engineer – Court to an Engineer with 17 backlogs

New Delhi: Engineering is a course in India which is nowadays common and everyone’s first preference to become an engineer if he has done his higher secondary school examination in Math category.

Recently one case comes in Punjab and Haryana High court, where an Engineer petitioner from NIT KURUKSHETRA, filed a petition to waive off his 17 compartments and ask for grants.

Judges came down hard on the student while disposing of the petition, asking him to stop his engineering which he started 9 years ago, and asked him to start some other course but not Engineering.

According to the Amar Ujala Hindi Newspaper, Court advised the engineering student to start any other new course and quit Engineering which he started 9 years ago who is left by 17 compartments currently.

The petitioner joined NIT KURUKSHETRA as a B.Tech student in 2009 and completed the 4 years course time there and ended up with 17 compartments – also known as backlogs which are basically the papers which students not able to clear or fail in scoring the passing marks.

The student requested high court to allow one more chance to appear in the compartment exams as he lost all the given chances to clear the compartments by the Institution.

The applicant said that he seeks mercy on which the high court said, you have mercy on this court and do not waste its valuable time and have mercy on this country and don’t become an Engineer.

The court, suggested the applicant to pursue some other course like Law, as you are not able to clear exams in 9 years, how will you able to clear 17 compartments in one single chance, the court further added.

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