First Graduate Job-Ten challenges that are faced by all

The foremost thing that is on the minds of students when they first enter their college premises is what about the job? Will they get one? Will their college studies help them achieve something big as far as their career is concerned? No wonder this inquisitiveness and concern as to what would be their career like in the near future remains in their minds.

In their journey towards their first job after their graduation, students have to deal with quite a lot of challenges. Yes. This should not come as a surprise. No one gets to enjoy from the very first day of job itself. Have a look at the major challenges that are faced by one and all:

  • The very first challenge arises in adapting to an altogether different lifestyle. Remember…you are no longer in your hostel and cannot make the mistake of arriving late in office.
  • Need to interrupt someone for inquiring about something? You need to be courteous and make sure that you do not get on to the nerves of your seniors.
  • Next comes asking questions. Freshers are bound to get nervous during the initial days of their first job. Try asking questions whenever you feel the need and don’t be afraid.
  • Now there are times when you need to send a report but the person concerned is not on duty or on leave. Here arises the problem when freshers start panicking. Contact the person closest to him or her or just drop that person a mail in such cases.
  • Couldn’t make it to the office on time? What? In your first job? What will your boss say? Relax!!We are humans and such things happen with all of us. Contact your HR manager.
  • Can’t stand that fellow co-worker? Now that is beyond your control dear. The best strategy would be to keep calm and say nothing.
  • Setting up appropriate working hours is one of the most commonly found struggles among freshers.
  • You don’t know anyone when you first enter the office. There is so much of anxiety and fear at the same time. Chill. It will go away in no time.
  • So here dawns upon you the bitter reality that this is not what you were aspiring for. Do not worry. Happens with everyone. Start taking interest in your work and see yourself escalating.
  • Until now you were just a teenager but now you are growing up as an adult and adulthood brings with it many challenges. Time heals everything dear.




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