Don’t limit your options, know the various career choices for Biology students apart from MBBS and BDS

Career choices for Biology students apart from MBBS and BDS. Most students in India choose the science stream to either become engineers or doctors. If you pick Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as your core subjects, then don’t limit your options to medical.

For all of you living under the misconception that the career options for Physics, Chemistry and Biology students after 12th start and end at ‘medical’, it’s time to wake up. There are lots of careers that are interesting, rewarding and have a great scope in the future.

A biology major is a good choice for students who enjoy science and are particularly intrigued by living things. After graduation, a biology degree opens the door to many career possibilities. Just ask your college career center or alumni office for a list of alumni who were biology majors, and you will be amazed by the variety of options pursued by graduates within that discipline.

Wondering what some of the career options are for a biology major? Read below for a list of common career choices for biology majors.

1.Environmental Scientist
Degree: BSc. Environmental Science
Skills: Detail-oriented and empathetic
Want to save the environment? That’s what you will do as an Environmental Scientist. You will research every environmental problem that bothers you. You will be checking for hazardous components in the environment and finding ways to fix it. Your work will influence environmental policies of corporates or even the government.

2.Food Technologist
Degree: BSc Food Technology
Skills : Problem-solving and good observation

If you’re a foodie, science has a career for you. As a food technologist, you will create and improve the quality of food, making it healthy and high in nutrition. You will also decide the best technique to store food, check preservatives and see if the food complies with set regulations.

Degree: Bachelors in Physiotherapy (BPT)
Skills: Empathetic and encouraging

Physiotherapists treat injuries, disease and disorders through their healing touch. Physiotherapy includes exercises, massages, and treatments using wax, electricity, and heat. More and more people are following a sedentary lifestyle these days, increasing the demand for such professionals. It’s become a part of every recovery course, be it a sports injury, operation or accident.

4.Speech Therapist
Degree: Bachelor of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
Skills: Sensitive and patient

If you are internally motivated to help people, this might be a career for you. As a speech therapist, you would counsel and treat people with speech, voice and language problems.
The clients may suffer from autism, strokes, accidents, hearing, intellectual disabilities or cerebral palsy.

5.Forensic Scientist
Degree: BSc in Forensic Science
Skills: Methodical and accurate

Did you love watching crime shows? Forensic science gives you the opportunity to explore that field. A forensic scientist analyses the crime scene and all the evidence collected for fingerprints and other signs that might solve the crime. The use of scientific knowledge helps maintain law and order and also gives you a bit of a thrill at work every day.

Degree: Bachelors of Optometry
Skills: Detail-oriented and good communication

If healthcare is your calling, there is another profession you can consider, optometry. An optometrist specialises in eye care and visual health. They are trained to prescribe eyeglasses and contacts. They can work as private practitioners, researchers or vision consultants.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Skills: Compassionate and dedicated

The most important profession in a hospital — nursing — doesn’t require an MBBS. A job role that solely revolves around patient care and is very rewarding. Whether it’s making a patient feel comfortable, administering the right medicines, prepping the patient for a procedure or coordinating between the doctor and patients, a nurse does it all.

Degree: Bachelor of Pharmacy
Skills: Interpersonal skills and computer literacy

Want to be the right hand of recovery? Become a pharmacist. You will use your medical knowledge to give the patients’ doctor prescribed medication, advise them on the usage and counsel them about standard health issues like stress, exercise, weight and over the counter medication.

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