Does 1st year marks actually matter for placements?

Does 1st year marks actually matter for placements? Saying that marks don’t matter is a lie. Believing that marks are everything and will decide your career, your growth, your life is a lie too. The truth lies somewhere in between. Talent won’t get you anywhere if you don’t have access to a platform to showcase your skills. Getting good grades matter in that context.

common misconception among college students

Most people say marks don’t matter. They’ve basically sugar-coated their words in an attempt to say things that youngsters would like to hear. Although I do agree with the fact that your marks don’t matter to a large extent, marks play a very important role in a selection procedure for all job placements and in some cases for admissions.
When it comes to 1st-year marks of BE, it actually matters.

According to a top company HR, “Grades certainly do matter when we’re recruiting students,” he says. “It’s really one of the only indications we have of a student’s technical ability or competence to do the job.”

Yes, 1st-year marks of BE actually matter for placements

• The 1st year marks to BE always plays a great role. One should not neglect their marks. It gives the additional advantage if a person scores well in his academics.

• Every organization first checks the qualification and then his experience. If a person has the good academic record in 1st-year marks of BE, then this is very good for him and marks always plays a vital role in placement whatever be the applicant whether fresher or experienced.

• The selection procedure for BE students is done on merit basis. This merit is prepared on the basis of the points you score in all the parts of the selection procedure: Written exam, interview, job experience, marks obtained in educational qualification. Sometimes even for higher educational qualification are considered for awarding points.

• Marks in BE matters to a large extent i.e. to secure distinction is very important. Some very big companies like IBM, Oracle etc allows the candidates to interview only if they have distinction throughout their studies. Some companies like TCS, Satyam, Wipro will allow students with the 1st class percentage also. So, if not the distinction you must have at least 1st class.

• BE percentage is the minimum requirement for many private and government companies.

• B.Tech/BE percentage is very important if you opt for foreign education as it gives extra weight.

• The interviewer has only two things to judge you – the way you present yourself in an interview and the marks you get in semesters. To get a chance to interview, you need the percentage. After that all requires is your presentation and communication skills.

Your marks do matter but don’t let them define your future. Don’t stress yourself over a piece of paper with a bunch of numbers on them.

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