Country’s first smart college campus –  IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur, fondly referred to as IITKGP by its kin, right from its inception formed the bridge between India’s ancient wisdom and modern technology. The Institute aligns all its activities to serve the national interest and seeks to provide broad-based education, helping students hone their professional skills and acquire the best-in-class capabilities in their respective disciplines.

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur has the largest campus among all IITs – at 2100 acres and as home to 20000 residents, it is a mini township. It manages all services themselves – starting with water supply, public health, and waste management, managing traffic and security, to operating markets, guest houses and hospital.

Recently, IIT Kharagpur has taken a step towards becoming the country’s first smart college campus, in which students can operate equipment inside their hostel rooms remotely using a smartphone app. A smart switch module was installed in 100 of its hostel rooms.

With the use of the app which remains connected to the smart switchboard through WiFi, a student can automatically turn off the fan and light the moment it would leave the room. Moreover, the student can also remotely switch off electrical equipment in the room through With this system, which will make IIT Kharagpur the country’s first smart college campus, the institute is now expected to save about 20 percent of its monthly electricity expenditure, an official statement said.

The entire 2100 acre campus of IIT Kharagpur is WiFi-enabled and the institute has over 5,000 hostel rooms of which 100 have come under the smart electrification module to be operated by the app.

All faculty members live in campus and IIT Kharagpur houses almost 11,000 students. There are 22 Halls of Residences (15 for boys, 5 for girls, 2 general) around the campus. Each Hall is self-contained with its kitchen and mess, it’s common room and gym, it’s basketball and badminton courts, high-speed LAN in every room and Wi-Fi.

The smart switch product has been developed for B2B(business to business) and B2C (business to consumer)commercial use by Alive Home, a green start-up by a recent graduate and a few current students of the IIT Kharagpur.

The development and assembling of the hardware and software were done in-house at the Innovation Lab of the institute and the product was tested and cleared by the Electrical and Maintenance Works of IIT Kharagpur for safety and operational ease for installation at the campus.

Professor P.K Dan, faculty at IIT Kharagpur’s Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship said,”A major benefit of the product is the economy in pricing which is as low as 50 per cent of similar products available in the market while the other key aspect is that the product can be personalised as per customers’ requirements both for B2B and B2C’.

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