To handle students’ Emotional and mental stress – Counsellors now must at VTU colleges

Counsellors now must at VTU colleges. Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is one of the largest Technological Universities in India with 16 years of Tradition of excellence in Engineering & Technical Education, Research and Innovations.

University has very successfully achieved the tremendous task of bringing various colleges affiliated earlier to different Universities, with different syllabi, different procedures and different traditions under one umbrella.

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Counsellors now must at VTU colleges

Equipped with the extremely rich resources of an outstanding student body and faculty strong partnerships with business, industry, and government and support from alumni and friends, VTU is designing a future of global preeminence, leadership, and service.

Keeping in mind the slump in campus placements, and to address other issues faced by engineering students VTU introduced many ‘musts’ at its affiliated colleges. Recently, the Visvesvaraya Technological University Belagavi (VTU) has asked all its affiliated colleges to now hire a counselor.

The Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) has decided to help students on their emotional front. In order to not let their students take the stress and to handle their emotional disturbances, Colleges will have to hire either a part-time or full-time ‘counsellor’. This should be implemented from the current academic year and The officials have also asked the colleges to ensure that the counselors are on campus for at least three to four hours every day.

VTU Campus
Counsellors now must at VTU colleges

All its affiliated colleges have been told they must have counselors on the campus. Counsel the students and hand hold them in all times of difficulty and give them career advice. Experts in the varsity say, students, face a lot of pressure when they come to university life and with the changes in their peer groups. Officials in the university also confirmed that this decision was taken after the students’ feedback during the campus recruitment and centralized placement drives.

Professor Jagannath Reddy, registrar of VTU said, “We got to know through the companies that a majority of students are confused and are failing to take a decision about their career. Not just that we have been informed that many students are also undergoing mental stress and dealing with emotional issues. In order to help the student community, we have directed colleges to hire counselors.”

He added, “there are several colleges with counselors on the campus already. Some affiliated and autonomous colleges conduct counseling sessions for students once a month and many colleges have full-time counselors.”

A principal of a private college said, “A lot of time students do not open up with teachers. But they need someone to hear their issues out.”

As per the new diktat, it is compulsory for all the colleges to conduct both entry and exit counseling for students.

As per the current directions issued by the university, it is compulsory for all colleges to conduct both entry and exit counseling for students. Entry counseling will be during the one-month orientation programme at the beginning of the academic year for freshers and exit counseling for final year students at least four months before the completion of the course.

Affiliated colleges told to become ragging-free

A few days after an incident of kidnap and ragging was reported at a private college in South Bengaluru, VTU has now issued a fresh circular to all its colleges with firm instructions on curbing this menace.

The university says in the circular that though ragging is a matter of shame and violates the dignity of a person, the incidents continue. “While we condemn the recent incident, we want to reiterate that there should be no more cases of ragging in our affiliated colleges,” said Professor Jagannath Reddy, registrar of VTU.

Now that a fresh batch of students has begun their academic year, the colleges and university want to create a positive image at their institutions.

VTU Campus
Counsellors now must at VTU colleges

The circular states, “As a result of ragging incidents in colleges, students give up their studies and go back home, some lose their mental balance, and some are seriously injured. The scourge of ragging which corrodes the vitals of our campuses needs to be curbed.”

Reddy added, “The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued a notice and has given a detailed description on how ragging needs to be handled on the campuses. We have also directed this to all colleges. This message is to ensure that there are no reports henceforth.”

The university officials also said that the anti-ragging committees set up at all colleges are active and the number of cases reported has decreased. The varsity is now compiling the report of the last year’s cases.

The varsity has also strictly informed the colleges that during admission, colleges must collect affidavits avowing not to indulge in ragging by students and parents.

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