Students’ Association of Alumni Relations (SAAR) successfully organized- Alumni meet on 14th September 2018 at IIT Patna

College life isn’t just about those four years that you’ve been here, it’s about the countless experiences that one has lived through, be it good ones or bad ones. After all, the best things in life are the folks you love, the places you’ve seen, and the beautiful memories that you’ve made along the way.


And to take our alumni down the memory lane once again, The Students’ Association of Alumni Relations (SAAR) at IIT Patna successfully organized an Alumni meet, dating 14th September. Alumni Meet which was attended by honorable director Dr. Pushpak Bhattacharyya sir along with various other faculties, who provided us with an insight about his own journey as an alumnus and motivated us with his words of wisdom. It garnered an enthusiastic response from alumni of IIT Patna who are currently excelling in their fields, be it corporate jobs or higher education all over the globe.

The meet commenced at the Senate Hall of IIT Patna with a lamp lighting ceremony followed by an institute song presented by the students of this fraternity. The Professor-In-Charge of Alumni Relations also presented his vision and future plans to be executed for the growing role of Alumni in the institute. And since every alumnus meet is incomplete without a two-way interaction, a brief thematic group discussion about “Bridging the Gap: Contacts vs Connections” was held between the alumni and the current community of IIT Patna. New viewpoints were presented by the alumni; suggestions for its quick and effective implementation by SAAR were also given by the alumni.

Director, IIT Patna provided an insight with his inspiring words and his journey as an alumnus of various prestigious institutes. Dr. P. Saha, Associate Dean (Resource), elaborated about various activities done by IIT Patna in recent timethe s; notable mention included distribution of ‘Lifetime Alumni Cards’, releasing the first Alumni newsletter ‘Anusmriti’ etc.

Dr. Anirban Chowdhury, Professor-In-Charge of Alumni affairs presented a captivating talk before the attendees explaining SAAR team’s vision and future plans to be executed for the growing role of alumni in this institute.


With the help of a simple idea, that every picture holds a thousand stories in itself, we took our alumni through the nostalgic journey of their college life with pictures that sparked long forgotten memories and filled their faces with a smile and laughter as they regaled us by recounting the true stories behind the photos.

To encourage a two-way interaction (between the alumni and the present students of IIT Patna, a thematic group discussion on “Bridging the Gap: Contacts versus Connections” was held A picture speaks louder than words, and it encompasses thousands of joyful forgotten memories. Keeping this in mind, an Informal event called as “Nost-Al-Ma” was hosted by the organizing committee of SAAR where the alumni were asked to describe the photos and events associated with their memorable and nostalgic college life.


The meet concluded with a felicitation programme where the efforts of alumni for this college where lauded with a token of gratitude which also served as a memento for this grand meet.

A vote of thanks was proposed, and the alum departed with an oath to gather for many more of such meets in the future. Thus, this meet was a showcase of promise by the alumni to contribute more towards their prestigious alma mater – IIT Patna.

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