AICTE – Prescribes Mandatory Internship for Engineering Graduates

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has made internship an essential part of the curriculum for engineering graduates, they have not estimated the difficulty of locating an organization in the field of Information Technology within the city.

AICTE Internship

This has become a challenge particularly for those students who are studying in the modest institutes since most companies give preference only to interns from reputed institutes. Apart from that, IT firms show their fondness towards interns who are willing to give their services for a minimum of three months to the organization.

These companies hold the notion that top-notch educational establishments will produce a better quality of interns in comparison to lesser-known institutes. However, these companies forget that the candidates are grilled and undergo a strict selection process before they can qualify for interns. Ultimately, they do end up having the best interns in the market irrespective of the reputation of the academic institute.
The experts also urge the students not to run after brand names and focus on gaining professional work experience instead.
It has been noticed that students only undertake an internship to attain their degree instead of realizing that the company is spending money to train them. An additional desk in the software industry could end up with minimum Rs.6,000 expense. The interns must understand this and make their productive contribution to the welfare of the organization they join for the internship. Viswam Vemula, the founder of Chanwi Technologies said, “They should value this and try and learn what they can so that they can help the firm in some way during their stay there.” He further added, “Candidates should opt for the internship only if they have at least three months time on hand.”
Another drawback for limited internships offers in top-notch firms is because they are apprehensive of adding temporary staff that could disrupt the smooth flow of their organization. Furthermore, they find it difficult to accommodate 70,000 students in IT sector.

“For popular colleges, getting internships for their students isn’t still a major issue. But there are many other colleges who have no choice but to send their students to smaller institutes in SR Nagar and Ameerpet, which do no good to students as they are handed-over completed projects at the end of their internship or projects. Opting for these institutes can have an adverse effect on students as they will not get any exposure into the way the industry works,” said N Yadaiah, registrar, JNTU-H.

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