5606 Vacancies opened in Central universities: HRD Ministry

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru pioneered establishing of the Indian Institutes of Technology to provide trained technical personnel of international class to the nation who would act as leaders in technology for the newly born independent India.

The institutions were to be designed with the necessary dynamism, flexibility of organization and capacity to adapt in the light of expanding knowledge and changes in the socio-economic requirements of modern society.

IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) is a prestigious group of institutes around the country for engineering and management related studies and research. When it comes to the jobs in IIT, there are more to the list than just faculties. Though IIT faculty jobs are highly sought. When it comes to faculty jobs in IIT, the lecturers, assistant lecturers, professors, senior professors and other grades of teaching posts are available for a wide range of disciples in engineering and management.

Recently, The Union Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD) announced that the there are 5,606 vacant posts of faculty members in central universities, in which IIESC, IIM is also included and for IIT’s 2,806 vacancies.

According to the HRD Ministry out of 5,606 vacant posts of faculty members in central universities across the country, the number of posts in IITs is 2,806, in National Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, there are 1870 vacant positions while the figure is 258 in Indian Institutes of Management.

Senior HRD Ministry official said,”Occurring of vacancies and filling these up is a continuous process. The vacancies keep on arising due to retirement, resignation and additional requirements on account of enhanced students’ strength.’

The official added,”The institutions are adopting various measures to address faculty shortage in order to ensure that studies of students are not affected which inter-alia, includes engaging research scholars, contract, re-employed, adjunct and visiting faculty. The institutions also publish a year-round rolling advertisement to attract faculty.

Besides these institutes, there are 324 vacant posts in several Indian Institutes of Information technology (IIITs), 96 in School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), 88 in Indian Institutes of Science (IISc), Bengaluru and 100 in Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs).

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