50,000 Engineering seats remain vacant out of 1.30 lakh engineering seats in Maharashtra.

There are more than 1.30 lakh engineering seats in Maharashtra state but only 1.19 lakh candidates are currently interested. As per current statistics, Maharashtra’s engineering colleges are facing a big problem of vacant seats in their institutes. Students seem to be losing interest in taking up engineering courses. As many as 50,000 seats set to remain vacant in engineering colleges of the state this year, and this declining trend has been observed since the last five years.


Dayanand Meshram, joint director, Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), “There could be two reasons for the drop in registrations. Either students have not scored 50% in their Class 12 exams or they have scored very well in the Joint Entrance Examination-Advanced (JEE-Advanced is the test students take to qualify for national institutes).”

He added, “ many students must be hoping to get through one of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs) or Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) using their JEE-Adv scores. This year, all students who wrote the MH-CET exam got five bonus marks owing to some errors in the paper. This made everyone eligible to apply for state-run colleges.”

He added, “As competition for medical and dental seats in the state and country is getting fiercer with the introduction of NEET, most students opted for the CET for pharmacy-only as a backup.”

Statistics of Vacancies 2018

•Out of the 1.30 lakh seats this year, only 85,501 candidates had sought admissions
•Of these, 79,599 were allotted seats till the last round of admissions on this Tuesday
•According to Indian Express, while 79,599 candidates were allotted seats, not all will confirm their
•Similarly, last year too, 41 percent or 56,000 of the total seats were left vacant at the end of the
admission process

Maharashtra government has taken some measures for the improvement but it is not showing results. The situation has not changed even after a number of measures to reduce vacancies and fill up seats were introduced by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE).

This year, no new seats in engineering colleges have been added, which is a first in five years. Meanwhile, colleges were also allowed to reduce their intake of students or closedown which has brought down the total seat count by around 8,000.

GD Yadav, Vice Chancellor of Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai said,”The reduction in intake by colleges also did not have a great impact on vacancies. This is because there aren’t enough jobs in the engineering industry.”

He added, “If there aren’t corresponding jobs in the market, why will students join engineering courses? Seats in Indian Institutes of Technology, too, are going vacant now. The percentage of vacancies has reduced only marginally. However, when you put it in context of the fact that almost 8,000 seats were reduced, the vacancy is strikingly high.”

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