2018 Financial Times ranking of masters in management- IIM-Ahmadabad stood 2nd and IIM-Calcutta at 3rd rank in Asia

Rankings provide one means – among others such as accreditations – for determining the quality and reputation a specific program has. The Financial Times Master in Management Ranking was the first, published back in 2005.

The 2018 Financial Times ranking of masters in management has reached the milestone of 100 schools for the first time, as the Master in Management degree continues to grow in popularity worldwide.

2018 Financial Times ranking of masters in management

This year, 104 schools took part in the process, including six new entrants, with 100 making the final cut, the maximum in the FT rankings. Masters in management programmes have a core of general management education in common but otherwise, they vary widely.

The shortest programme is eight months and the longest 36 months long, and cohort sizes range from 28 to 1,274. Programmes are taught either by business schools or universities and come with very different price tags: tuition fees at ranked schools range from zero (where there is full state funding) to about £40,000.

Indian Institute of Management – Ahmadabad has emerged as the number one Business-school in the country followed by IIM Calcutta and IIM Bangalore. According to the Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking, both IIM Ahmadabad and IIM Calcutta ranked number two and three in Asia.

2018 Financial Times ranking of masters in management

Globally, IIM Ahmadabad was ranked number 21 and IIM Calcutta was ranked 23 — a slight improvement from its previous rank 28 last year. A total of 104 B-Schools took part globally in this year’s survey.

FT rankings 2018: Top 10 business schools in Asia

1. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Antai- China
2. Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad- India
3. Indian Institute of Management Calcutta- India
4. Skema Business School- China
5. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore- India
6. Tongji University School of Economics and Management- China
7. Grenoble Ecole de Management- Singapore
8. IQS/FJU/USF- Taiwan
9. Hult International Business School- China
10. Singapore Management University, Lee Kong Chian- Singapore

Incidentally, based on the 2015 graduates’ ratings of their own programme, subject-wise, IIM Calcutta has been ranked number 1 in Economics and number 7 in Finance as subjects taught at the business schools. These rankings are based on the data collected from top 10 B-Schools on the various subjects they teach.

The rankings were calculated according to the information collected through two separate surveys — the first one was conducted by the business schools and the second by alumni who graduated in 2015, the IIM Calcutta release said.

2018 Financial Times ranking of masters in management

The academic infrastructure, sports facilities and all other possible areas of resources have gained substantially and as per the world, standard to attract more and more international students.

“Our alliance with CEMS and ESCP Europe has paved the way to garner double degree programme a success. Coupled with student exchange programme with globally well-known business schools, currently, IIM Calcutta is tied up with over 100 such schools and the exchange programme is gaining momentum every year.

“In 2017-18, 133 students from IIM Calcutta participated in an exchange programme, while 87 students from partner schools spent their term at IIM Calcutta,” the release added.

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