12 students at IIM Sambalpur left the campus due to shortage of hostel rooms

IIM Sambalpur is currently operating from the transit campus at Sambalpur University as it does not have a permanent campus of its own. The institution started functioning from Sambalpur in 2015 and had doubled its intake capacity to 120 from 60 this year. The faculty and students of the institution are not getting all the facilities at the present location is in an isolated place.

IIM Sambalpur

IIM Sambalpur has been facing the shortage of hostel rooms. As of now, 12 students have left IIM-S. This year, the classes for the fourth batch of IIM-S were commenced on July 30.

According to the director of IIM-S, at the time of beginning, there were 111 students in the classes but now the number of students has decreased to 99 as the institute was not able to provide hostel rooms for some students.

Director of IIM-Sambalpur Mahadeo Jaiswal said: “Some buildings at Sambalpur University are available from where we can run the IIM. We will able to start operating from the university once they hand over a building to us. The government does not allow upgrading infrastructure in private buildings. We are not able to make any investment (at Silicon Institute)”

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between IIM-S and Sambalpur University and since then the hostel crisis has been coming up. The state government had allotted three hostels for the students of IIM-S in the campus of Sambalpur University but after the MoU was signed between the two institutions, the authorities of the university said that they can provide only two hostels.

Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director said, “We agreed on two hostels. As per the MoU, they were supposed to provide us with two hostels by July. But the University authorities provided one hostel and half of another hostel, forcing many students of IIM-S to face trouble and stay in a dormitory,” he further added.”

According to Jaiswal, the authorities of Sambalpur University are not refusing to provide hostel accommodation which was earlier agreed. Till August, the university told IIM-S that rest of the hostels will be provided by September but till now nothing has been done. Around 15 students of the fourth batch of IIM-S are still staying in a dormitory.

According to PTI, the VC of the university has said that he has discussed the matter with the district collector and the matter will be sorted out.

Deepak Behera, Vice Chancellor, Sambalpur University said,”A new hostel is being constructed on the premises of the university. We would shift the students of the university to the new hostel only after we get possession of the new hostel building.”

The Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has cleared a proposal for the establishment of permanent campuses of seven new Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) including IIT Sambalpur.

IIM Sambalpur will have a permanent campus by June 2021. The government has identified 237 acres of land in Basantpur for its permanent campus. Construction of boundary wall is being undertaken now.

According to Ministry of Human Resource Development reports, Rs 401.91 crore will be spent on construction of the permanent campus of IIM Sambalpur which would have infrastructure facilities for 600 students. An area of 60,384 sqm is demarcated for the purpose. The Cabinet has also approved recurring grants of Rs 5 lakh for each student per year for five years. The institutes are expected to meet their running/maintenance cost from internal generation of funds after a period of five years.

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